The Impossible List

This is my ultimate goal list. Inspired by Jim Rohn’s Goal Setting, Tom Kugler’s Design your dream life, and Thomas Frank‘s the impossible list, I’ve created my own version of the impossible goals list.

This list was first created on March 10, 2022. It is an ever-evolving list that is updated regularly.

Personal Goals

  • Read 500 books(5)
  • Meditate for 2 hours straight(1)
  • Take a 10-day vipassana re-treat(1)
  • Have 20000 notes on my digital garden(5)

Professional Goals

  • Write 500 articles on Medium(3)
  • Make $1000 on gumroad(1)
  • Get 100K+ visitors/month on blog(5)
  • Have 50K+ followers on twitter(3)
  • Have 20000 e-mail subscribers(3)
  • Make $50000 online(3)
  • Create an online course(1)

Things I Want To Buy

  • Buy a high-end laptop: $3000+(1)
  • Buy a DSLR camera
  • Rent a room outside hostel(1)
  • Buy a bicycle(3)
  • Purchase focusmate membership(1)
  • Buy a remote work table(3)
  • Buy a kindle(1)
  • Buy a drawing tablet(1)
  • Buy a comforting chair(3)

Places I Want To Travel

  • Travel solo to a new place(3)
  • Travel on a plane(1)
  • Leave home without a destination(3)
  • Travel to India(3)
  • Travel to Bali, Indonesia(5)
  • Travel to Switzerland(10)

Things I Want To Do

  • Do bunjee jump(3)
  • Do paragliding(3)
  • Do skydiving(10)
  • Go on a hot air ballon(10)
  • Ride a rollercoaster(10)

Skills I Want To Learn

  • Learn swimming(1)
  • Learn to ride a bike(1) March 20, 2022
  • Learn public speaking(1)
  • Learn to communicate well(1)
  • Learn to write online(1)
  • Learn Yoga(1)
  • Learn Calisthenics(1)

Family Goals

  • Take my parents on a trip(5)
  • Gift a beautiful home to my parents(10)

Financial Goals

  • Make my first $1 Million(10)
  • Make $10,000 from trading(1)
  • Make $10000/month
  • Have $50,000 Invested(5)
  • Be Financially Free(3)

Sharing and Gift Goals

  • Gift a saree to my mom, and aunt(1)
  • Gift a suit to my dad, and uncle(1)
  • Gift a scotter to my sister(3)
  • Gift a scooter to my aunt(3)
  • Buy a gift for my grandparents(1)
  • Giveaway $10,000 to needy people(3)

Relationship Goals

  • Overcome Social Anxiety(1)
  • Date Someone(1)
  • Get Married(5)

Fitness Goals

  • 100 pushups in a set(1)
  • 200 squats in a set(1)
  • 30 pull ups in a set(1)
  • Front lever and back lever 20s(1)
  • Planche 3s(1)
  • Handstand 20s(1)
  • Human flag 20s(1)
  • 10 consecutive muscle-ups(1)
  • Run a Marathon(3)