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Obsidian Daily Notes Template(Task Edition)

This is the second version of the daily notes template. Previously, I created a Journal edition of daily notes that allows you to plan your day, reflect and track your habits. This is another edition that will primarily focus on…

Bullet Threading in obsidian

Logseq Bullet Threading in Obsidian

Create Logseq Like Bullet Threading in Obsidian Logseq has this cool plugin called bullet threading. It adds bullet threading to active blocks in logseq. If you are missing this feature in Obsidian or you want to use the bullet threading feature…

Obsidian productivity

Boost Your Obsidian Productivity With These 9 Time-Saving Tips

I’ve been using Obsidian nearly for two years now. In these two years, I’ve experimented tremendously to meet my needs and preferences.  In this article, we’ll dive into Obsidian’s capabilities and add some tips and tricks to harness its power…