A Master’s Secret Whispers: Book Summary

For those who abhor the noise and seek The Truth about life and living

5 Lessons I Learned From A Master’s Secret Whispers

  • Stop chasing happiness. Rather seek to experience
  • Truth is fundamentally different for every Individual
  • Playing to win will only make you more miserable
  • You help others because that’s your nature to do so
  • Intelligence is not mere collection of information. It comes from a place way beyond the scope of the human mind

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A Master’s Secret Whispers: Book Summary

Our greatest prison is our own mind. Even if we are told the truth about our life, and the path to experience it, we wouldn’t be able to grasp it not because of our ability or intelligence, rather simply due to the lack of exposure and having the opportunity to experience the experience.

Nothing is practical in this world until it is first non-negotiable. Nature gives nothing for free. If you want something, it should be non-negotiable.

To know something intellectually is to never have known it at all. If you want to learn the practicality of swimming, you have to dive into the pool.

If you want freedom, you must know what you want freedom for and what you seek freedom for?

Be a man who is worthy of being vowed to. Be so thorough uncompromising sincerity. Be uncompromising. For it is the man who refuses to compromise holds the universe in his hands.

How to live with ease

You may hear me, but in many ways, the words will pass by. Anxiety and stress are a by-product and they can’t be eliminated head-on. You must find the source from which it arises.

If you want to live a life of freedom and completely free of turmoil, you must have an overwhelmingly genuine desire to live a life of Freedom. If your desire is genuine, learning will come. All things come by the way of sincerity.

How to be a good parent

When you become a parent, you start playing a role of a father or mother. A parent never sees his child as another human being. He sees his child as another child. Thus, he is doomed from the beginning.

When you start playing a particular role, you only see from that perspective. But when you have no role, you begin to see a human being.

The child is independent of the parent and belongs to nature. To be a good parent, you have to release yourself from the role of a parent.

How to become the greatest

Processing something is one thing. Having access to it is another. To become the greatest, you have to win the fear. And the way to avoid fear is to take away the greed of winning.

You have to be free. Only when you are free, your skill will be unleashed. Only when you learn the truth, it should set you free.

If you want to be the greatest at something, you have to be a genuine student. You have to be willing to learn and listen to your master. You have to open your ears to let you access your powers.

Ego locks away a man’s skill because he thinks of his life as a contest and thus he becomes limited. Don’t be an egoistic man who competes over dime and dollar. Insist upon the glory of freedom.

You must understand what you wish to achieve and understand why is it that you fight. 

Your vision also should be greater than the greatest who have come before you.

How to stop caring

Not caring is freedom. If you want to stop caring about other things, you have to let go of the very thing that is very dear to you, Happiness. You have to learn to be free of happiness. Because happiness is for fools.

People are emotionally attached because it comes out of the need for happiness. Not caring for anything gives you freedom.

How to find the truth?

We are told many things by many people. Even the mind tells us different things. If you want to know the truth, you have to understand that it can’t be arrived at purely by the intellect.

But when it strikes, something within him reacts to it in a particular way. Truth is available to a few men but also to all men as a birthright. But only a few men exercise their birthright.

Nothing happens by accident and coincidence. Everything is by design. Nature has a way of giving man exactly what he desires. If the quest is genuine and intense, he cannot help but have it.

Why does one man devote his life to climbing Everest, while another doesn’t dare to leave his province? Why does one man seek to conquer the self, while another seeks to conquer the world? Why does one man seek to know Everything, while another is content with knowing what the world tells him?

There is no sincere answer to this. But you only have to know that it is so.

Truth is a fundamentally different journey for every individual.

What is the secret to confidence?

Confidence is not a product of comparison. It is a product of indifference. When you are indifferent to what others think and believe about you, confidence will always be with you.

If you learn that nothing really matters in this life, indifference would be the natural byproduct.

Don’t try to convince someone for he will only understand from his perspective. If you tell the truth, only a handful will agree and others will think that you are a madman. And a madman is never without confidence.

What is intelligence?

Unlike what we are taught our whole life, intelligence is not about knowing the facts and memorizing the information. If it was so, the encyclopedia and google would have been the most intelligent entity in existence.

Intelligence is not knowledge. It’s not a mere accumulation of facts. It’s not about passing an exam or having a degree certificate.

Intelligence is something that is attained by instinct rather than knowledge. Intelligence comes from a place way beyond the human mind.

When a man has a desire to know, the universe infuses it into his bloodstream.

Are you Happy?

Everyone in this world is chasing happiness. But happiness is just a chase and nothing more. Chasing happiness means you forever hope for circumstances to go your way. But the circumstances are never in our control. We are bound to be unhappy and we remain in this chase for happiness.

Abandon the idea of living for something. Rather seek to Experience.

What is life?

Life is pain. But almost all humans seek to improve. They try to be healthier, They try to be wise, They try to become happier. He lives in a perpetual state of not knowing. He lives in a perpetual state of Not understanding. And thus he suffers.

Have you ever seen a tree trying to improve? or a flower or a bird? People act like a dog forever trying to catch its tail. He doesn’t understand that the tail was not designed to be caught.

To know the truth and to experience is a necessity. It sets you free.

Why should you help anyone?

Humans are fundamentally selfish by nature but not necessarily unkind. The hard truth about life is no one care about you or me. People only care about themselves. There are only rarest of rarest gems that are not selfish.

When you help someone, you are not being ‘nice’ by doing so. You are doing so because of its nature. The reality is this: No one helps anyone. They do what’s in their nature to do.

How to win?

Winning and losing don’t matter. It’s your duty to play the game. If you play with the goal of winning in mind, you will not be able to play. He who plays to win suffers. When you play to win, you lose your freedom.

But not playing to win doesn’t mean you have to stop training or putting in the work. It’s what the fools think and do. The wise man is who trains in order to perfect his skill, who refines himself towards the journey of perfecting himself. And when he fights, he fights without an ounce of fear. For he has nothing to lose.

Do you believe in god?

It seems to me that the only reason human beings wish to know about God is because they want something from him. If it was believed that God did not have the power to give, I do not believe any human being on earth would ever utter his name.

It doesn’t matter whether God exists or not. You don’t have to go looking after him. What will you do by finding him anyway?

Nobody knows if God exists or not. The only thing you have in this life is you. That’s the only truth.

Some other questions…

What is art?
Fingertips having a mind of their own.

How can you help the world?
 By discovering yourself

Is it possible to have everything?
 To need nothing is to have everything

The truth is quite complicated
 The truth is simple. The mind is quite complicated

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