life was never meant to be struggle book summary

Life Was Never Meant to Be Struggle: Book Summary

Most people believe that life is meant to be a struggle. That it Involves pain and struggle and you have to put an incredible effort to get out on the top. But if you look at nature, all you need to do is put in a little effort.

But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Imagine a tiger in the jungle waking up every day and saying, “I have to struggle like crazy today so that I will get something to eat by suppertime”. No way, this doesn’t happen, and there’s a great difference between struggle and effort.

And this is why this book is here for you to tell you that you don’t have to struggle in life. Life was not meant to be a struggle. 

This book will help you identify your struggles, discover the reasons for them, and eliminate them from your life.

With just with small adjustments in their attitude, people can move from struggle to flow. 

Flow is a natural condition that occurs while you will have to work hard to struggle. 

Most of us struggle without even realizing that we are struggling. Here are some common reasons why people struggle:

  • They think that if they look like they’re struggling, other people will treat them with respect no matter what the results are.
  • They think they are born with a disadvantage and they will not be accepted in society.
  • Most strugglers have low self-esteem and this causes them to seek the acceptance and approval of others constantly. Without the confirmation of others, they only feel worthless.
  • They walk with a big ego on their forehead and they live in a different variation of the truth which is their self-formed opinion.
  • Strugglers feel that struggle is noble, and somehow God is pleased with them for struggling.
  • They lack understanding and they get upset when circumstances do not agree with their point of view.
  • They’re constantly worrying about what others think of them because they themselves are not sure.
  • They lack the concentration and focus that they need in order to manifest what their goal or vision is for their life.

The struggle is an unholy battle you fight with yourself that you are only destined to lose. It is not natural. And here are some points to help you move from struggle into absolute freedom.

  • Most things take longer than we expect them to because we can think faster than we can act.
  • Most of the paths that are offered to you are totally inappropriate for you. At every bend when you are given options, give yourself good reasons for saying no and walking away from that path.
  • If you find yourself in an uphill-battle situation, then ask yourself “what am I resisting?”
  • Take control of your life. By being in control and command, you become responsible and you have the ability to change things.

Your true nature is to be independent and free. The effort is a part of our condition while the struggle is not real. 

You and only you are the reason for the struggle in your life. It is taught or programmed response from an early age. So it will take some time before you reprogram your mind for a struggle-free existence. You begin the elimination process the day you accept that you are the reason for your struggle. 

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