Rich Habits: Book Summary, Key Notes & Highlights

The daily success habits of rich Individuals

Most unsuccessful people blame luck for all of their misfortune and think people who are living a better life are living it because they are just plain lucky. Although it is true that you need to be lucky to be rich, there are different types of luck that you need to understand about:

There are 4 types of luck: “Random good luck” “random bad luck” “opportunity luck” and “detrimental luck”.

Random Good luck and random bad luck are two types of luck that you don’t have any control over. For example: winning a lottery or being hit by a thunderstorm, they are not under your control.

But opportunity luck and detrimental luck are the ones you can control. “Opportunity luck” is the byproduct of your daily habits. If you continue working hard, then you will reap the results. This is opportunity luck. People who are successful are the ones who focus on long-term in order to create opportunity luck.

The fourth type of luck is detrimental luck. This type of luck will get you downhill on the road of success. They are the bad habits that create a devastating life in the future.

Being successful is all about attracting the right kind of luck. Living a life that helps you to create more opportunities is the one you should be living. That’s the secret of being rich. Following are the 10 rich habits of wealthy and successful people:

They form good habits and are consistent

No person will be successful without good habits. They are the foundation of success. Successful people have a few bad habits but many good habits. If you have bad habits, start the process of changing today. Assess what you are doing and how you are living your day. Recognize the patterns, identify your weaknesses and strengths. Stop doing the negative habits that can create detrimental luck and start adding habits that can help you create opportunity luck in the future.

They set goal for each day, month, year and long-term and focus on them

People who are successful are goal-oriented while the ones who are unsuccessful don’t have any goals. They float aimlessly without any direction. 

Before starting your day, you should have your goals. Before you start your month, you should have your goals. Before you start your year, you should have your goals ready. Have a long-term focus, break it down into smaller goals and follow it through. Break each goal into smaller task and prepare a to-do list and follow your to-do list religiously.

They engage in self-improvement everyday

Successful people rarely do engage themselves in time-wasting activities. They utilize their time for self-improvement. They involve in something everyday that improves their mind and expands their knowledge. As their knowledge grow, more opportunities shower in their lives. On the other hand, unsuccessful people, just waste their time on activites that gives them short-term pleasure, with no return in future.

Everyday, set aside at least 30 minutes. Read books. Learn something new. Expand your knowledge. Thirty minutes might not seem like much time but over time it adds up to be significant amount.

They care for their health

Without a sound body and mind, you can’t function properly. You might not even feel like waking up from the bed if you are sick. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health.
 Successful people have a routine of exercising just like they brush their teeths. As a result they have more energy for the day. They manage their consumption and engage in a physical activity. On the other hand, unsuccessful people don’t manage their food consumption or engage in regular exercise.

They form life-long relationships

Networking is one of the key to success. Successful people network with like-minded people. They treat relationships like gold. They are not focused in short-term relationships. They invest in long-term relationships.They devote significant amounts of time networking and forming life-long relationships.

They live in moderation

Successful people avoid excesses, wild emotional swings, addictions, obsessions, binging, starvation, extravagances, and fanatical behavior. They do not binge, cram, over indulge, or behave in an excessive manner. They understand that life is a marathon and not a sprint. They moderate their work hours, eating habits, exercise, alcohol intake, watching television, reading, Internet use, phone conversations, emails, text messages, conversations, entertainment, sexual relations, and so on. Their personalities reflect this moderate mindset. 

They do not become overly excited or excessively melancholy. They are even-tempered, and slow to anger or excitement. On the other hand, unsuccessful people live in extremes. They eat too much, drink too much, talk too much and overreact too much.

They have “do it now” mindset

Successful people do not procrastinate. They do not put off until tomorrow what they can do today. They are focused on accomplishing things. They create “to-do” lists to record and plan the accomplishments desired for each day. They understand the need to be the ones controlling their lives. They are goal-oriented. 

They set goals and achieve them consistently. They have a “do it now” mindset.On the other hand unsuccessful people, they delay the activities that can be done today. They procrastinate. They don’t have control over their lives.

They engage in rich thinking

Successful people ar positive, enthusiastic, energetic, happy and well-balanced. This is not by accident. They are the by-products of rich thinking. They think rich thoughts everyday. They use positive affirmations and visualization techniques to drive and later theri mindest. They are grateful for all the things that are givent to them. They are thankful. On the other hand, unsuccessful people involve them in poor thinking. Negativity, sadness, anger, frustrations, etc.

They save before they spend

Rich people have this one habit in common. They pay themselves first. Before speding on bills, they pay a certain amount for themselves. And they invest the saved money wisely. They have a fullproof financial plan. On the other hand, poor people pay them last. They spend every penny they have until they have left nothing to pay them. They are poor savers and carry excessive debt.

They control their thoughts and emotions

Thoughts are the seeds you plant that will eventuall give you the fruits. Successful people are the master of their thoughts and feelings. They don’t easily fall prey to angee, jealousy, sadness and other emotions. They “think, evaluate and react”. 

They are too busy to allow themselves in being sad or depressed. On the other hand, unsuccessful people are easy prey to their emotions. They react before thinking. Emotions rule over them and they are never in contorl of life.

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