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BeautiTab: The Best New Tab Plugin For Obsidian

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Previously I used the Hometab plugin by Elrenso. It replaced the home tab with a browser-like default tab with a search bar. The best feature was not the search bar. But the ability to see the recent notes and starred notes. 

But with Obsidian’s bookmark update, it broke. The starred notes feature went away. So the plugin was only left with recent notes. And I was not happy about this. 

Recently, a new plugin has been added to the community plugin library. This plugin aims to completely replace the hometab plugin with additional features. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the features of the plugin and how you can leverage this plugin. 

Installing the Plugin

You can install the beautitab plugin from the community plugins library. You must first turn off Restricted mode for that.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. In the side menu, select Community Plugins.
  3. Select Browse to explore available community plugins.
  4. Search “Beautitab”.
  5. Select Install.
  6. Enable the plugin.

This will take you to the screen that looks like this:


Here are the available configuration options:

Background Theme

This will determine the image to show up in the background for obsidian. You can choose the theme for the images. The available options currently are Holidays, spring, winter, mountains, etc. 

You can also use a custom background. It only supports web links. You can copy the URL of the images and add it here. 

Note: A new issue is raised to disable the background to keep the look and feel of the theme. Maybe, by the time you are reading this article, you’ll get that feature ready. which will be great. 

Search settings

It has two options. Top left search button, and inline search. You can enable these based on your preferences. For example, you can enable the inline search option to add a browser-like search bar in the tab. 

Time settings

You can choose to show/hide time on the tab. You can also choose the time format: 12h or 24 h.


Here you can add a custom text to show up below the clock and above the search bar. You can add simple texts such as Good Morning or a personal message.

Recent File Settings

Enabling the option will display all the recent files in the new tab. 


Enabling this option will display bookmarks below the recent files. This setting has more options. 

You can choose the bookmark source. Do you want to display all bookmarks or bookmarks from a specific group? 


Then finally, we have quotes where you can choose to display inspiring quotes.

You can either choose custom codes by adding it or choose online library of quotes such as Quotable. 

And finally, you will have a nice-looking new tab page. 

Cherry on the Top

I raised the issues on GitHub to be able to see today’s tasks in the new tab itself. This would be a total game-changer, for me at least. 

I currently use the cardboard plugin, and tasks timeline to display tasks in the sidebar. 


Thanks for reading. 

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