Underrated Obsidian Plugins You Should Be Using

The hidden gems

Obsidian has over 1600+ plugins right now. But how many of those do you use in your workflow. 10, 20, 30, or even more?

While most of you are familiar with popular plugins like dataview, templater, calendar, and tasks, there are other lesser-known plugins that can significantly elevate your Obsidian experience. 

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the underrated Obsidian plugins that you should be using.

Most of these plugins are not reinventing the wheel. Instead, they focus on fine-tuning the existing mechanisms to create seamless workflow. 

Let’s dive In.

Remember Cursor Position

The plugin does exactly what the name says- It remembers your cursor position.

When you switch between different notes, and go from one link to another link, scrolling back to find your previous position every time can be annoying

Shut down Obsidian, and you came back exactly where you left. 

You close the note and get back to same cursor position whenever you reopen that note. 

If you work with long notes, it can save you so much time, and frustration.

Hide Sidebar on Window resize

This is another simple yet useful plugin for people who use Obsidian on PCs.

It lets you set the minimum width for both left and right sidebar. 

When the window gets narrow, it will automatically hide the sidebars based on the configuration. 

You can either use this plugin or setup custom hotkeys for easily toggling the sidebars as we talked in our previous article


This plugin allows you to easily sort your tables. I use it especially for dataview tables, where I can easily sort queries depending on different properties. 

This plugin doesn’t change anything underneath. It just makes visual changes for the reading view. 

You can easily sort the table in ascending, descending and default order with each consecutive click. It supports numbers, strings, and ISO date data types for sorting. 

It works for both dataview tables and Markdown tables in Obsidian. 

Here’s an example of how easy it makes to sort tables. 

If I had to do it manually, I’d have to make changes to the dataview query every time I want to change the sort order and format. 

Reading list Tracker Setup

Note: The plugin is discontinued and archived by the developer. So you can’t directly install it from Obsidian community plugin library. You can use the BRAT plugin by TfTHacker.

Obsidian Table Sorting

This is an alternative to Sortable plugin which we discussed earlier. I found that it doesn’t support dataview tables. But has some extra features such as multiple columns sorting. 


Trash Explorer

I love this plugin. There are multiple times when I accidentally delete my notes. I guess, It’s not only me. 

Its tedious to go back to the system trash and recover your note. 

With this plugin, you will be able to restore deleted notes right from the Obsidian UI. 

After installing this plugin, you can assign a hotkey or click the trash ribbon icon. It will display all the notes in trash that you can recover easily. 

Recovering the note will not restore in their original location. All the notes are restored to your vaults root folder. So, you will manually have to do that final trick. 


Note: To use this plugin’s functionality, you need to configure the deleted file location. You can do it easily by going to settings> Files and links> Deleted files> Move to Obsidian trash.


Imgur is an image sharing site. If you use images in your notes but still want to maintain a lean vault size, this plugin is for you. 

With this plugin, whenever you paste images or drag them in your notes, they will be uploaded to the cloud first, and then embedded in your notes. 

This can be useful in so many cases. It becomes so easy to share your images and notes with others. 

It not only supports images, but also gifs. But for gifs, you have to drag and drop them inside your notes.

Modal forms

I wonder how this plugin only has around 6000+ downloads. 

With this plugin, you can create a form which can be opened from anywhere you can run JavaScript. 

You can create powerful workflows with Modal forms when combined with templater, quickadd and dataview plugin.

This plugin helps you to capture information by offering basic building blocks for capturing structured data in Obsidian.


For those of you who use folders to categorize notes, this is going to be a gem.

Waypoint automatically creates MOCs within your folder notes. 

A note will be treated as a folder note if the title of the note is the same as the parent folder. You write %% Waypoint %% in the folder note, and it will create a MOC. 

The MOC updates automatically whenever you update the files & folders within the parent folder. 

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These were some of the underrated Obsidian plugins. If you want me go through the rabbit hole and explore more underrated Obsidian plugins, write it down in the comments. 

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